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Microbiology Tests at Hy Laboratories

Medical technology has changed the way medicine is analyzed over the last 100 years. Today labs can analyze cells, what has mutated within them, and find not only a treatment but a cure as well. Hy Laboratories is the top lab in Israel because of its forward-thinking.

This type of testing is too new.
The technique used in ICP-MS testing has been around for over 30 years. As with every testing, there are pros and cons, but at Hy Laboratories we believe the pros outweigh the cons. At Hy Laboratories we have taken a step forward with testing by implementing or Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) testing.

ICP-MS found in trace levels of the sample.
At Hy Laboratories you can have an ICP-MS test performed that will measure most of the periodic table of elements at trace levels in biological fluids. In addition, you can also do an isotopic analysis using ICP-MS because of its high sensitivity and ability to determine the isotope composition of a sample using less cumbersome pretreatment procedures than other mass spectrometry techniques.

Why should I use this test?
Any person who thinks that they may have elements in their system should consider this testing. A growing trend in the elemental analysis is to determine if there are metals in the sample. This test can detect if they are present within the sample. Two specific metals commonly searched for are chromium and arsenic.

We can keep a sample of microbial stock.
Hy Laboratories has taken steps to store microbial samples for future analysis by freezing the sample. Using environmental controls there is an option to prepare the culture of the sample for analysis later. This would mean that as medical testing and technology evolve the sample will be there to use.