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GUIDE-Seq is an abbreviation of Genome-wide, Unbiased Identification of DSBs Enabled by Sequencing. It is a molecular biology technique employed for unbiased in-vitro detection of off-target genome editing events in DNA, which is caused by Cas9 and many other RNA-guided nucleases of living cells. GUIDE-seq is similar to LAM-PCR as it allows multiple PCRs to amplify regions of interest containing specific insert that integrates into double-stranded breaks. As gene therapy is emerging, Guide Seq has become popular as well as a cheap method for the detection of off-target effects of potential therapeutics. With the Guide Seq method, you do not need complete genome sequencing.
Microbiology Tests

It is a type of test carried out on various foods and products to determine the composition of the said foods and products and to check whether they are safe for human consumption or not. In short, this test is done solely to check whether they are safe and healthy for the people or not. Many people are becoming health conscious and they want to stay fit and healthy no matter what they have to do. Microbiology tests are mainly done on medicines and cosmetics to check whether they are safe. Without microbiology tests, the safety of the people is threatened. One should be careful enough as there may be a contaminating agent in your favorite product.

Molecular Biology Lab Services

It is one of the most advanced techniques for testing. The reason why the world is switching to molecular testing is that laboratories all around the world invested a huge amount of money to support SARS-CoV-2 molecular testing. One of the most important reasons for the growing popularity of molecular biology lab services is that it provides accurate results that allow maximum patient care and hold great potential for the future. Laboratories that use traditional testing methods also go for molecular biology lab services.