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Hotel Security

Viable Plans for Hotel Security

It’s nice getting out of town from time to time. Spending a few well deserved precious moments of solitude in a luxurious or even a four star hotel can be quite rewarding. Whether business or one of the aforementioned pleasure trips, some of those moments of travel may require an overnight in a hotel. At that moment your hotel room becomes your home away from home as well as your sleep sanctuary for whatever the length of time of your stay.

Along with the valuable information stored on your laptop and in your cell phone you also have in tow a wallet containing cash, travelers’ checks and credit cards and much needed luggage for your trip. To this end hotel security becomes a vital criterion in your hotel selection. Needless to say the cost of the hotel will not always readily determine the extent of hotel security provided.

There are several things you may want to consider when fortifying yourself and your valuables in a hotel environment. Although not so safe in the event of a fire or other emergency, upper level hotel floors provide much safer hotel and are less vulnerable to personal crime and theft.

Secondly, hotel rooms with solid-core wood or metal doors provide much better hotel security. In addition to its solid core, the doors should also have a strong deadbolt lock as well as be self closing and self locking. Even with this hotel security feature it is always advisable to never open your room door prior to identifying an impromptu visitor. As an added precaution putting the “Do-Not-Disturb” sign on the outside doorknob when you are out for an extended period of time deters room burglaries.

In consideration of hotel security measures, inside the hotel itself and your room are not the only areas of concern. Establishing your standards for effective hotel security should also include safety measures in the hotel parking lot and non-secured recreational areas. Keep a watchful eye on non hotel personnel and strange activities within the hotel and parking areas. Always try to park in well lighted areas or areas outside the hotel with high hotel customer or hotel personnel activity.

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