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The Israel Bedouin Experience

Visiting ancient history

For many years, people have dreamed of visiting Israel and The Holy Land. Millions have trekked the deserts of the Bedouins for the israel bedouin experience. Thry experienced the warm welcome and the genuine, historic cuisines. Visiting Israel and Jerusalem has been said to have a healing power. When taking a dusty walk in the Negev desert, travelers can actually sleep in the Bedouin tents which date back many centuries. There are many reasons to tour the land that has a strong religious background, but people also visit just for the beauty and the historic factors. One place that is a must see id the Dead Sea where no one can sink because the water is more salty than other bodies of water. High above the Dead Sea id the Massda, a picturesque mountain fortress. This is where the palace of King Herod was located. You can take a hike to the Masada or the cable car for a magnificent view. Other attractions in this historical land include the Beit Shean which is the ruins of a well preserved ancient Roman town. You can see the colonnaded streets and the remains of the extensive bath house.

Make plans to see the sites

Plan tours of Israel for vacation. a church group tour, and special events such as Bar Mitzvahs as well as the israel bedouin experience. The tours to Israel and Jerusalem have engaging activities for people of any age. No site is more beautiful as the Sea of Galilee. The shoreline itself is breath taking. This is the place where The Sermon on the Mount was preached. Many have claimed to have felt the mystical powers in the surrounding countryside. Another site of interest is Timna Park which is full of rock inscriptions and ancient mine shafts. Taking a tour of Israel can be a life changing experience, and one that is highly recommended.