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Negev Israel

3 Top Activities To Do In Negev, Israel
The Negev Desert is a beautiful place that everyone should visit on their next trip to Israel. Whether you’re visiting for a Bar Mitzvah trip or on a family vacation, there are many experiences that you’ll enjoy. Here are 3 top activities you can do in Negev Israel:
Sandboarding on the Dunes
You can surf the sandy dunes of the desert. This fun activity is for adventurers of all ages. Glide through the sandy areas of the desert for a thrilling experience. The best dunes for sandboarding are located between Beer Sheva and Mitzpe Ramon where the sand is soft. It will require climbing the dunes and is best for larger groups and families with participants over the age of 2.
Camel Rides
Camel rides are a historical part of Negev Israel. Locals use them as a major part of their daily lives. Camels can ride over 35 km with a full load and even further unloaded. They even have rest stops and towns planned around the maximum distance full-loaded camels can travel safely. These tours are for all ages and can last anywhere from one hour to a half day, or longer.
Sleep in Bedouin Tents
Sleeping under the starry sky in a famous Bedouin tent is a memorable experience for all. These tents are large enough to fit large groups and furniture. You can listen to inspirational stories and nomad philosophy to enjoy real Bedouin hospitality.

From Sandboarding on the Dunes to camel riding to sleeping in Bedouin tents, there are plenty of exciting experiences that you will want to remember. You can bring the family or come on vacation with a group to enjoy these fun activities. Visit Negev Israel for memories that can last a lifetime.