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Motorbike Tours in Spain

One of the most popular activities in Spain is riding a motorbike. Tourists will enjoy motorbike tours in Spain as there are interesting sights and places to go. Motorbike tours in Spain can be done at any time of year, as pedaling will not be necessary. A popular area for tourists in Spain is Catalina.

Impressive Views

The Catalina area of Spain is a great choice when considering motorbike tours in Spain. Tourists to this area will enjoy wonderful Mediterranean beaches and views of the Pyrenees. There are many areas for a tourist to see that are not seen on common tours of Spain. There are many villages that are historic with unsaturated cultural atmosphere. Motorbike tours in Spain provide tourists with views of green valleys, beautiful turquoise seas, lush green valleys, vineyards, and olive groves.

Local Villages

There are many charming medieval villages that have cafes and stone houses built directly into rock on the sides of mountains. These are seen north of Barcelona in the Pyrenees Mountains. One aspect about these villages is they are a great option for off road tours and adventure tours. Many villages have been well preserved with buildings and cobblestone streets that are over 500 years old.

Inspiring Landscape

The wine country of the Pyrenees offers various cycling routes for motorbike tours of Spain. There will be many winding lanes and rolling hills that have views of lush vineyards. Another aspect about taking motorbike tours in Spain is exploring many of the small villages in the region.

The coastline changes rapidly when taking motorbike tours in Spain north of Barcelona. Villages in the area have age-old trail routes along a picturesque landscape. Tourists are able to enjoy the sun and even find quiet coves to take a break or enjoy a swim.

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