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Wildlife Photography Tour in Africa

When tourists take wildlife photography tours, proper equipment is needed. The most important item, however, is a good camera. Various conditions occur during a wildlife photography tour in Africa; without a good camera, the photos will not be fantastic. Other items are needed during the safari as well.

Choosing a Camera for the Wildlife Photography Tour
in Africa

When shopping for a camera, the size is important. The camera should not be too big. When tourists visit Africa, their bags cannot weight more than 20kg. Consider a compact light camera that has a good zoom lens. A SLR camera is a great option.


Generally, a large megapixel camera is not required; a camera that has three megapixels is enough. There will not be issues enlarging the photos. When shopping for a camera, there may be cameras that offer more mega pixels; cameras with many megapixels will only give great results on large sensor DSLR cameras. Large megapixel cameras also require more storage space.

Charging Batteries

Cameras generally have improved batteries that last for at least two days. If the camera is efficient, charging will not be an issue. A great camera can provide 300 to 500 shots a day. However, if buying an efficient camera is not an option, charging the battery can be done at safari camps; electricity is found in these locations from a generator. Tourists can only use the generators for a few hours. Because of this, bring extra batteries and extra chargers for the wildlife photography tour in Africa.


To get the best animal photos during the wildlife photography tour in Africa, proper training will be needed. Taking photos without taking a course is possible, but the shots will not be fantastic. The vehicle will be moving, and this will make taking shots tough. Most of the wild creatures and animals will be moving as well. This is why taking a course should considered before the wildlife photography tour in Africa.

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