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Family holidays in Spain

Family Holidays in Spain

The Pyrenees Mountain range rises majestically from the earth. In the north of Spain, one can find this imposing mountain range. Family holidays in Spain should no doubt include a tour through these splendid mountains. It is easy to find hiking tours for the family here visitors can find almost any sport for any time of the year.


The sports in the Pyrenees Mountains differ from skiing, and snowboarding to walking tours and bird watching. Family holidays in Spain can be quite invigorating or very relaxing. Cycling, climbing, kayaking, and golf are extremely popular. However, the Pyrenees Mountains are not very well known to the average tourist.


Here, one will find an area rich in history, regional diversity and charm. It is possible to find Prehistoric cave paintings paleolithic stone circles, castles, palaces, ancient ruins, medieval monasteries and romanesque churches Family holidays in Spain may include a fun history lesson for all by touring one or several of these places.


The accommodations here are limited only by the tourist imagination. They include a multitude of choices that vary from camping to luxury castles. It is possible to rent everything from a hotel to a chateaux while staying here. While here take the time to enjoy one of the many spas that are available. In the Pyrenees Mountains one can find the perfect health or beauty spa for them to relax and unwind. Family holidays in Spain should be rejuvenating.


Family holidays in Spain are not complete without a sampling of the regional foods. Here, a visitor will find an endless list of restaurants to chose from. Enjoy the regional foods, and the regional wines that are available. On most saturdays a visitor will find village street markets. Many things are offered at these interesting and fun markets. Organic fruits and vegetables, artisan cheeses, pates, meats, baked goods and sweets are all accessible at these markets.

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