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walking holidays in spain

The Best Walking Holidays in Spain

Deciding on the best walking holidays in Spain is all about choosing what works best for you, your physical capabilities and personal travel interests. There are several destinations of interest to consider that would make incredible choices for the average to advanced walker. Among the top destinations are the Pyrenees, walking the historic Camino and hiking through specific coastal and inland national parks. Each of the possible walking holidays in Spain gives you a different taste of culture, nature, scenery and history filled with small villages, cathedrals and local village life.

The Pyrenees are the top destination for travelers interested in walking holidays in Spain because there are so many starting points along a well traveled series of trails that can fit every level of physical ability. Knowing what type of walking you are capable of and want to do, what you are excited to see along the way and the type of accommodations you are comfortable with is going to make it easy to choose the city to start your walk. Small hotels, hostels and church run homes dot the Pyrenees on account of the centuries old tradition of pilgrimage that runs through this mountain range.

Spanish National parks that lie in coastal regions and inland are a great option for walking holidays in Spain if the traveler or local is interested in getting away from the city for a day or two. Natural landscapes, wildlife and unique geographical land masses make for interesting walking holidays in Spain. With these parks being a wide range of sizes it is possible to plan overnight camping or a romantic and relaxing overnight retreat in nearby towns. Motorbike tours that can take you deeper into the park, faster are a great option if you have a limited amount of time and a specific destination in mind.

Planning walking holidays in Spain gets easier when you know what you want to see and do as soon as possible.

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