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Tour Guides in Israel

Why Choose a Tour Guide

One of the best ways to enjoy your stay and explore in Israel is through guided tours. There is a variety of tour guides in Israel, and through them, you can thoroughly explore many different historical locations. Some of the most popular and historic sites in Israel are much more easily navigable with tour guides. Another benefit of tour guides in Israel is the fact that they are locals and have a thorough understanding of the region or site that you are exploring, this can enrich the experience of your visit dramatically.


Popular Tours in Israel

There are a variety of different tours and tour guides in Israel; some of the most common destinations for tourists are Masada, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Nazareth and Jerusalem.



Masada is the most popular tourist destination in Israel. Masada is an ancient Israeli fortification that overlooks the Dead Sea. Masada was built by Herod the Great between 37 BC and 31 BC. If you are interested in exploring Masada, there is a variety of different tour guides in Israel that can assist you in exploring and understanding the history and the structure of Masada.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, also known as the ‘Salt Sea’ is long-standing salt lake that borders Jordan, Israel and Palestine. This sea is one of the most beloved tourist attractions and is known for its heavy salt concentration, making it very easy to float on the water. Various tour guides in Israel are very familiar with the area and history of the location.



Jerusalem is a bustling city with a very enthralling history. This city has been fully destroyed twice, captured and recaptured 44 times. This city is a great location to stay in Israel and there is a variety of different tour guides that will be able to help you understand the city and have a great stay.

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