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Treated Diamonds

What You Should Know About Treated Diamonds

When a man decides he has found the woman of his dreams, the next logical step for him to take would be to buy her an engagement ring. Customarily, this would mean the purchase of a diamond. However, today many engaged couples find that the price of diamond rings has become quite prohibitive. While they want honor tradition, they do not want to overly burden their finances. For couples who are going through this dilemma, technology has come up with treated diamonds as a possible solution.

What Treated Diamonds Are

Some treated diamonds are synthetic and some are natural. Natural treated diamonds are real diamonds. They are mined and polished the way other diamonds are, but they undergo an enhancement process to improve their appearance and diminish their imperfections. They are more affordable than stones that were perfect or near perfect to begin with.

How Diamond Enhancements are done

There are two basic ways to enhance a diamond. One is by changing a diamond’s color and the other is by filling its cracks. Through high pressure, high heat, or radiation, the diamond’s color can be changed. For example, a combination of high heat and high temperature can make a diamond colorless or turn it blue, pink, yellow or brown.

Colorless cracks in a diamond can now be filled through the insertion of a glass-like substance, while discolored cracks can be drilled and whitened with a laser. These two processes are designed to improve the clarity of a diamond.

Buying Enhanced Diamonds

A practical couple can save a substantial amount of money by buying an engagement ring with an enhanced diamond. With the help of a reputable jeweler, they can choose the best engagement ring possible within their budget, and even make plans for future diamond purchases as the anniversaries come.

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